Udon Food Review with Mark Weins

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Here is Mark’s restaurant review on food in Udon Thani
Taw Baw Pla Pao (ท่อบ่อปลาเผา) is one of the best restaurants in Udon Thani. Get more details Here.

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Udon Thani has quite a food good local restaurants, including an amazing restaurant that serves beef, and when it comes to fish, Taw Baw Pla Pao (ท่อบ่อปลาเผา) is one of the absolute best options. They specialise and are known throughout Udon Thani for serving some of the freshest fish available in the city.

The restaurant is located near the Udon Thani airport, so every now and then a plane will fly overhead. You can either choose to sit at one of the tables, or you can sit in a private relaxing bungalow – that’s what we decided to do – how could you give up the chance to recline while eating a meal?

The menu at Taw Baw Pla Pao (ท่อบ่อปลาเผา) includes all Isaan north eastern Thai dishes, and also some local specialties as well, but everything is focused on tilapia, which in Thai is known as pla nin (ปลานิล). Something many people order at the restaurant is a whole salt crusted and roasted fish, known as pla pao, but since I had been eating pla pao frequently while in Udon Thani, I decided to try some of the dishes on their menu that are harder to find. We started with a dish called pla luak jim (ปลาลวกจิ้ม), slices of fish, boiled with a trio of herbs including lemongrass, galangal, and kaffir lime leaves. 

The fish was dished out onto a plate, garnished with cabbage, and topped with a handful of toasted fried garlic. The pla luak jim (ปลาลวกจิ้ม) was served with a side dipping sauce, similar to an Isaan style seafood sauce, that included lots of fresh garlic, chillies, and a perfect blend of fish sauce and lime juice. It was an excellent way to start our meal.

The next dish that came was a plate of som tam Laos (ส้มตำลาว), green papaya salad doused in fermented fish sauce, chillies, and with a Laos olive inside. It was fantastic, always one of my favourite dishes at any Isaan restaurant in Thailand, and in Udon Thani, they make no mistakes when it comes to som tam. But the dish that was the most outstanding was the laab pla (ลาบปลา), a minced fish salad, that was stashed full of all the delicious laab ingredients like fish sauce, lime juice, toasted sticky rice powder, chilli flakes, and herbs like cilantro and mint. The fish was oily and moist, and absolutely beautiful.

I loved it so much that I ended up buying two extra bags for takeaway after we finished out meal, to eat for dinner that same day.


Finally, the last dish we had at Taw Baw Pla Pao (ท่อบ่อปลาเผา) was bon pla (ป่นปล), a recommendation we got from the waitress. It was my first time to see bon pla (ป่นปล) on a menu, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be similar to a fish nam prik, a type of chili sauce. The bowl included minced fish, with shallots, diced chillies, cilantro, and a broth that tasted to me like fish stock mixed with a bit of pla ra – fermented fish sauce.

The bon pla (ป่นปล) was served with a plate of boiled vegetables to dip. It was excellent. Taw Baw Pla Pao (ท่อบ่อปลาเผา) is one of the best restaurants in Udon Thani that I ate at during my stay. Everything we ordered was delicious, and the freshness of their fish is what really stood out.

If you are in Udon Thani, Taw Baw Pla Pao (ท่อบ่อปลาเผา) is one of the top restaurants to eat at for fish. Taw Baw Pla Pao (ท่อบ่อปลาเผา) – Udon Thani, Thailand Address: Moo Ban Sinchaithani, Thanon Asawamit Banluam, Amphoe Muang, Udon Thani 41000 Phone: 042-327-119 ,081-974-3641 Open hours: 9:30 am – 6 pm daily – they close quite early, so it’s not really a dinner restaurant, but more of a lunch or late lunch restaurant Prices:
Most dishes are 50 – 70 THB, and then a whole fish costs 150 – 200 THB ที่อยู่ หมู่บ้านสินชัยธานี ถนนอัศวมิตร บ้านเลื่อม เมืองอุดรธานี จังหวัด อุดรธานี 41000 โทร. 042-327-119 ,081-974-3641 เปิดบริการ ทุกวัน 9.30-18.00 น.
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