Meet Lloyd De Gruchy and his wife Kanokporn from Udon Thani province who are celebrating success with their ever-increasing popular YouTube channel, สาวอุดรกับสามีฝรั่ง Udon Lady with Farang

(don’t worry abut not reading Thai, just search ‘Udon Lady with Farang’ in YouTube)

Lloyd opened his YouTube channel in January 2017 and together he and his wife have both collected a staggering number of subscribers, 17,657 to date, in a little over a year. They have recently celebrated gathering over 5 million views. (Whilst writing this article we have noticed their subscriber count has increased by 5 in the last 30 minutes !!!)

We have been watching their channel and can clearly see what they are doing right and why they are so popular. Their channel is based on their real day to day life up here in the north east with a down to earth, no frills approach however they manage to produce fantastic videos none the less by showing what life is really like in Udon.

This is one of those channels that you subscribe to and enjoy every single video they produce. They describe their YouTube channel as “Good old Thai family lifestyle Vlog in Udon Thani Esan Thailand” and we totally agree.

Various topics are discussed in their Vloggs including the true cost of living ‘Thai Style’ to daily adventures, they also do a lot of food reviews, not necessarily restaurants but cooking at home. From Market visits to Lloyd eating bugs with his Talapia, you will be left feeling hungry that’s for sure.


A great video we stumbled upon was Kanokporn discussing the Farang visa process in Thai, so if your partner needs to understand a little more, be sure to watch this video. This video is so useful we are going to attach it to our Visa Information page.

Visa for Thailand

Lloyd does have a very funny sense of humour which could be part of their success, this together with his editing skills adds visual humour including his well known facial expressions.

Kanockporn also speaks in Thai (as well as English) which draws many Thai subscribers.

In one part of their videos you may see them eating Mud Crab and Shrimp, then they will be out for a day visit to a temple but suddenly you’ll see Lloyd dancing with Mr Bean in his kitchen, oh did we mention his Jack Sparrow appearance ?

We recommend you head over to YouTube and search for their channel and subscribe, they certainly know how to entertain you. Click on the picture above for their fast growing channel.

There is only one unanswered question, Do they ever stop eating ? 555

Lloyd tells us he also has a Facebook group to accompany his YouTube channel, don’t forget to like that page also, feel free to join them. Click the picture to open Facebook or simply search in your Facebook page ‘Udon Lady with Farang’