Udon Thani Police Officers Save man from jumping 9 storeys taking his daughter with him.

In Praise of our local Police

Dramatic scenes emerged at lunchtime Saturday with reports to Police in Udon Thani that a father was contemplating suicide from a 9 storey building, risking not only his life but that of his sobbing daughter, following the separation with his wife.

Footage shows the man with his daughter on the edge of a rooftop in the city some 35 metres up. Police quickly responded to the scene and started negotiating with the man who was clearly in distress as he was talking on his telephone at the buildings edge. The mans daughter, distressed, was sat in front of him. The footage of the distressed child is very upsetting, she can clearly be seen and heard to be sobbing her heart out during this entire ordeal.

Warning, you may find this footage very distressing, viewers discretion is advised

As the man ended his phone call, which we are told was to his wife, in a last attempt to reconcile with her. The child was seen to be shaking and sobbing, her father let her speak to her mother for what could have been the very last time before the father took the phone from her and he was then seen to throw his phone from the building out of frustration. This was not a good sign and the man could have jumped at any moment. The man had also drank a half bottle of whisky whilst on the rooftop which may have been for ‘Dutch Courage’ or just a desperate act to drown his sorrows.

The situation was very fraught and Police had to use every skill possible to save not only the daughter, but the man as well. The police were in no hurry to further stress the man to endanger the little girl and professionally negotiated with him to first let the little girl go and then to attempt to get him to come away from the edge also.

Finally after a very challenging time for the police, the professional negotiator managed to persuade the father to let the girl come away from the edge, who was then lead away by other waiting Police officers. The little girl was seen to be very distressed when walking away with Police but understandably, this was a very traumatic time for her.

It was important that the negotiator was not showing any tension and made no unnecessary heroic moves, his talking and reasoning saved not only the little girl but after another lengthy time, the man was also dramatically saved by officers who were holding each others belts in fear of being pulled over the edge had the man jumped. The actions of the Police were extremely brave.

When the police did eventually climb down 9 storeys with the suicidal man, medical teams were at hand to tender him and his daughter can be seen to be comforting her daddy. In turn she is being comforted by a police officer from the Royal Thai Police.

Police commander responded to waiting Press and media after the incident. 

As he was lead away from the rooftop, clearly exhausted, first the police and members of the public offered the man some water and let him calm down a little before being helped downstairs.

There can be nothing but high Merit for the Royal Thai Police when they act as professional as this in such challenging times, all of the Police officers involved in Saturday’s rescue deserve merit for their professional actions and undertaking. They saved the life of the little girl and the suicidal father. They also risked their own lives when pulling the man to safety.

We really hope the little girl will receive help after this distressing time for her. We must also bare in mind that this man is also in need of help because no parent in their right mind would endanger their child.

The videos appear below. We have deliberately posted the videos at the end of this story so you can choose to view them or not. We have to be honest, we found them rather traumatic ourselves but we want to highlight the bravery of the police also.

Video Credits The Guardian Thailand