A kind hearted Expat has stepped in to change a Thai girls life forever

You have probably read stories in the past where a Farang wants to step in and change a Thai girls life, probably with a motive, however we want to tell you about a really special deed of kindness by an expat that will really change a girls life forever.

Before we tell you this story, it was us who actually approached the Super Hero to ask if we could run the story, he has not approached us for publicity, we felt he deserved credit for what he has done.

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Expat, Robert Wagner (Pictured) is a well known guy in the expat community, more so through his YOUTUBE channel (20 Seconds In Thailand) (Subscribe here) where he creates multiple videos about general life living in Thailand or information videos for the benefit of others.

Rob is also a well-known figure on Facebook too, which is where we picked up his act of kindness and approached Rob for an interview.

Rob, also known as Thailand Rob, lives in Kamala and due to editing and uploading videos to his YouTube channel he visits a local bar 3 times a week. Being a regular visitor, he knows all of the staff very well but noticed within a week, a new girl, Ann, had joined the team.

Ann, as you can see in the picture has an eye condition which she contracted at just 4 years old, she is now 21 years old and has lived with this condition throughout her childhood and right through school.

In her younger years Ann had previous procedures to correct her eye with two Thai government hospitals but despite their best efforts, neither were successful, she continued her adult life and was determined to carry on as normal. Ann needs to work to support her 1 year old son.

Rob told us, “I was very upset to hear some Farangs making a joke about Ann’s eye condition, it was very unnecessary and quite hurtful actually, it upset me”

Thinking about this overnight, Rob woke up the next day and decided to step in. He made a few enquiries with his friends who had access to a top plastic surgeon in Phuket.

Rob told us “I enquired as to how much a procedure would cost to rectify Ann’s eye and was very surprised to not only get an answer within 12 hours from the surgeon but the low cost of the operation, only $500” (USD)

Rob then spoke with Ann and asked her if he could set up a GOFUNDME page to pay for surgery to improve her life, and she agreed.

Rob set back off home and created a funding account in favour of Ann and set the goal to $500, the initial price quoted for Ann to have corrective surgery on her eye.


Thailand Rob posted a link on his Facebook page and in less than a week, not only did the pair achieve the goal, they raised Five Times the amount needed in just 6 days.

Rob said, “The funding account went crazy, we only needed to raise $500 but before we knew what was happening, it had hit $2,500 and I had to quickly work out how to stop further funding as we had already reached the target required”

He continued, “I had to be careful not to let the fund exceed what we were aiming for but it took me 2 hours on the net to work out how to stop donations coming in, even today people are asking do we need any more funds and I have said no thank you, Ann has enough”

He told UdonLive, “with regards to the money left over for Ann, she has various options with what to do with the remaining balance, once she is back on her feet”.

The initial procedure will lift her eyelid, so she could further have surgery to correct her ‘lazy eye; but we have to see if the first procedure is successful. Ann also has the option to donate the remaining balance to another cause or perhaps she can kick start a new career to benefit her 1 year old son.


There are regular updates on Facebook about the progress of the procedure for Ann, which has created a positive stir on Facebook with hundreds of supporters patting Rob on the back for his deed.

On Friday 4th May, Rob took Ann to see the top plastic surgeon in Phuket. Rob told us “Well there is good news and bad news, the bad news is the work required is more complex than first thought but the good news is, it can be completed by using a graft from Ann’s leg to apply to her eye and we have enough funds to have the additional work done, thanks to all of the people who have supported Ann”

Following corrective eye surgery, Ann will naturally be off work with no income so the additional balance will help her financially during her respite care and provide for her son also.

We asked Rob how feels knowing he will be changing Ann’s life forever, he told us “wow emotional very emotional, Humble, almost weeping, I feel like buying a Super Man shirt to remember the day”

Rob went on to say, “since the campaign begun I have been very overwhelmed by the support financially and verbally from everyone on Facebook and my local community, everyone has been fantastic helping Ann.


Ann is due to have surgery today, 5th May 2018 with the additional grafting surgery, I am sure everyone will join us in saying ‘Good Luck Ann, we cannot wait to see the results and God Bless you, Robert Wagner, well done, you are indeed a Super Hero, go out and buy that shirt’

We asked Rob one final question, “Rob would you do this again for someone else”? He replied “Yes of course, this is such a life changing thing for Ann and it is thanks to all the donators really, its not just me, all I did was coordinate the funding, the real heroes are the donors who have helped me, help Ann”


Rob has made a YouTube video all about this journey with Ann, watch it here  UPDATE



We had a great time talking to 20 Seconds in Thailand Rob but our interview was certainly longer than 20 seconds.

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